Family Office

We aspire to become the global coordinator of your assets, under a relationship of mutual trust that allows us to successfully achieve a set of predetermined objectives.

To this end, we implement a roadmap to help us determine the family's objectives and needs:


Wealth with a clear sense in the long term and that has must be preserved throughout different generations.

Together with the Foundation's Board of Trustees and financial management, we will address the following phases:

Family Business

A comprehensive service for family businesses that aims to accompany the family in all phases of their business life.

We do not replace the current suppliers, but together with our professionals we accompany the family in the following matters:

Family Organization in the company (Family Protocol, Conflict of Partners)

Independent participation on boards, financial control, optimal financing structures, restructuring, etc...

Independent advice on family savings or corporate liquidity management.

Assistance in the preparation or transformation of family businesses for a sale, change of shareholding structure...